Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

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  • Are you haunted by the past?
  • Tired of looking over your shoulder?
  • Do you have nightmares or panic attacks?
  • Are you wondering when the next flash back is coming?

If you said yes to any of these questions then trauma is preventing you from living fully and enjoying life. The good news is that trauma can be gently healed without having to re-experience your trauma.

Why is Trauma common?

The sad fact is that we all have trauma. Everyone must experience some pain and hurt in life. Every person has at one time or another reached their limit and become overwhelmed and hurt. That unprocessed trauma will remain active waiting to be triggered causing all kinds of mental health problems.

In 1995 a ground-breaking study, The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES), conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and a large insurance company with 17,000 test subjects investigated the relationship of childhood trauma in adults to medical, psychological and behavioral problems. The ACES study showed that the more childhood trauma a person had the more likely they would have psychiatric, addiction (including tobacco), medical and even legal and financial problems. 

How do I get traumatized?

When your limit is reached, and the remaining trauma is unresolved it will be stored in your mind-body system as negative emotions and memories greatly contributing to all types of problems. These negative emotions and memories are stored in our mind-body system and will re-surface whenever we are triggered by life events that relate in some way to our traumatic past.

Why does trauma affect my life so much?

With each trauma we slowly accumulate hurt and emotional distress in ourselves. This accumulation of hurt and emotional distress most commonly exists as triggers. Triggers become active or “get triggered” when a person has an emotional or distressing reaction and tap into their stored trauma. As the amount and intensity of trauma increases health problems either physical, behavioral or mental become worse.

Imagine a Life Without Trauma

Imagine a life where you have resolved and healed the major wounds of your past. You feel light and no longer have to wrestle with so many complicated feelings. A new life awaits with so many possibilities. Instead of living life with the goal of avoiding hurt and anxiety you have the courage to pursue your true desires and attain your goals.

Effective and Gentle Trauma Treatment

To effectively extinguish trauma I use an innovative form of evidence based therapy, Energy Psychology, that can successfully, swiftly and gently resolve trauma stored in the mind, body and senses.  With Energy Psychology you need not re-experience intense distress from what happened in the near or distant past.  In addition, clients are able to learn and implement Energy Psychology techniques to address, reduce and most times extinguish triggers and symptoms on their own independently.

In energy psychology there is no emphasis on re-experiencing a negative experience and trying to “gut it out.”  The patient heals by simply being present for the treatment.

Making a mental note of what is to be treated and healed is often sufficient in energy psychology. Sometimes targeting a body pain or symptom is enough.  In special situations clients need not even verbally share what trauma they wish to treat (as when a client can not bear to share their trauma).  

Trauma affects us through physical pain too. Trauma is stored in the mind and the body;  some people experience unresolved trauma through physical pain or a combination of both physical and emotional pain.  Because energy psychology treatments work at the source of pain and discomfort in the brain and nervous system they can be more effective than traditional talk therapies.

The Connection Between Trauma and Physical Pain

The nerve pathways for physical pain are the same for both physical and emotional pain.  Energy psychology heals trauma at the neurological and energetic source and therefore can effectively help many clients manage, reduce and even extinguish physical symptoms and not just emotional and psychological symptoms.  

Energy psychology techniques are empowering:  

You will learn about the healing potential residing in the body mind system waiting to be unleashed. You will learn how to use energy psychology techniques independently to intervene effectively to relieve physical and emotional trauma, pain and stress.

I will teach most clients to independently use at least one powerful energy psychology technique that is capable of resolving trauma and extinguishing triggers.

Pain and hurt are a fact of life.  When the pain and hurt from the past haunts us we lose out on life.  Do you wish to free yourself from past traumas?

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