Therapy for Anxiety

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Does anxiety ever keep you up at night? Do you ever feel a sense of panic, paralysis, or helplessness? Do you wish to be free of your nervousness or anxiety? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then know that:

  • You are not alone, millions of people have had debilitating anxiety in their lifetime.
  • Relaxing is a challenge and anxiety is making your life difficult.
  • You can achieve a balanced mind and live the life you want.
  • The right tools and guidance make all the difference.

Causes of Anxiety

Unhealthy anxiety has the following causes: difficulty processing uncomfortable emotions, blocked grieving, not having adequate coping skills, trauma and triggers from past negative life experiences, continuous unavoidable stress, irrational beliefs, or lack of connectedness to self, others, and a larger life.

The good news: for every basic cause of anxiety there are effective solutions that will liberate you from your anxiety. Once you learn these solutions they can be used to keep you healthy and happy for the rest of your life.

Why are there so many different types of anxiety?

Whatever experience a person has can be accompanied with anxiety. Every experience can mean a different thing to each person. People and their experiences are very diverse and the different types of anxiety are a reflection of that.

Anxiety Has Many Different Forms

The many, many, many varieties of anxiety:

Type of AnxietyPersonal Experience of anxiety
Addiction and Compulsive BehaviorsAddiction is primarily an effort to avoid anxiety in life that gradually gets worse until the addictive substance dominates a person’s life.  Learning to cope with all types of anxiety is a key component to addiction treatment.
Culture ShockAnxiety related to living in a foreign culture.
Death AnxietyFear of death and dying, any anxiety related to death.
Developmental AnxietyAnxiety due to growing up and facing new responsibilities, experiences and opportunities.
DisassociationBlanking out and being forgetful.
Existential Anxiety
Unavoidable anxiety of facing life and living fully.
Financial Anxiety
Anxiety caused by money concerns, often made worse by unemployment.
Grief and Depressive Anxiety
All types of anxiety often follow negative depressed mood states and profound losses.
Habitual Unconscious Anxiety
General discomfort and stress in the mind and sometimes the body caused by improper breathing during the course of a day coupled with difficulty processing uncomfortable emotions.  
Horror and acute dread
Panic, fight, flight, freezing or passing out in the most extreme cases.
A creeping feeling of not being safe, “having to look over one’s shoulder and having to be very alert to danger.” This is usually connected history of trauma.
Medication and Substance Induced AnxietySome substances, like coffee, can increase our anxiety.
Paranoid AnxietyAny irrational and controlling fear.
Performance AnxietyDiscomfort and inner pressure related to having to perform a task.
PhobiaIntense irrational fear of a particular situation or thing.
Relationship AnxietyInsecurity related to fears and insecurities related to being in a relationship.
Schedule AnxietyFear of being late or missing appointments.
Shame and GuiltAnxiety related to regret over past mistakes and things you would have preferred to have not done or  not experienced.
Social AnxietyWorrying about what other people are thinking and social status.
Somaticized Anxiety- (Anxiety expressed through the body)Headaches, migraines, body pains, digestive problems, high blood pressure and nausea.
Spiritual AnxietyAnxiety related to feeling disconnected to God (the divine or your higher power) and life.
Trauma Anxiety or PTSDAcute anxiety related being haunted by past hurtful events that were horrific or extremely unpleasant.
Work AnxietyWork stress

Please note: This is a limited list. There is no end to the types of anxiety we will experience in life!  A little anxiety is normal and healthy but as our stress and discomfort increases anxiety will cause many problems.

Effective Treatment of Anxiety

Your anxiety can be effectively treated.  Our goal is to lower stress to a healthy level so you no longer have an anxiety disorder. When you become my client we will work to skillfully resolve your anxiety problems, implement powerful yet easy-to-learn coping skills, improve your life situation, become more confident, heal past hurts and negative experiences, and live a more connected and fulfilling life.

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