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Why you may not want to talk about your pain. 
And rightly so!

Are you concerned that talking about your situation, grief or problem will make it worse?

So am I.  It’s a valid concern.  Sometimes we need to do things differently.  You can remove the emotional and even physical pain related to trauma through energy psychology with little to no risk.  

I was like you. When I went to counseling for the first time as an adult I was terrified because I had a lot of pain inside of me. I was scared to let it out—to re-experience it.  I didn’t know what would happen when I had to go through the “emotional corrective experience.”  

Energy psychology techniques are empowering:

You will learn about the healing potential residing in the body mind system waiting to be unleashed. You will learn how to use energy psychology techniques independently to intervene effectively to relieve physical and emotional trauma, pain and stress.

I will teach many clients to independently use at least one powerful energy psychology technique that is capable of resolving trauma and extinguishing triggers.

Pain and hurt are a fact of life. When the pain and hurt from the past haunts us we lose out on life. Do you wish to free yourself from past traumas?

You Don’t Need to Re-experience Pain to Heal

Many studies show that exposure therapy (re-experiencing the negative event in order to heal the trauma) works only partially with about half the clients and the other clients remain the same or get worse. 

Why do you think that many therapists tell their clients they are so brave and courageous? Because for many unlucky clients, therapy hurts before they get better.  In my experience, if you ask most therapists if pain is a necessary part of therapy they will unfortunately say yes.

I’m here to say, “NO. Pain and suffering are not necessary conditions to healing.”

I’m here to tell you there is a safe and thorough way to heal the painful stuff you don’t want to face.  

Because you are here, I know you probably are in at least some pain and suffering right now.

So, I also want you to know that no matter how bad you feel…

  • I will  be there for you.
  • I will listen and respond.
  • I will support you.
  • I will lend a hand.  
  • I will accommodate your needs.
  • I will advocate for you.
  • I will accept you as you are.

And we will work hard together to heal and find balance in your life.

That said, therapy need not increase your pain and suffering to be successful and most of my clients find this to be true as well.

I know. It sounds too good to be true.  But it is true.   Energy psychology works with most people.  Most studies indicate a success rate of 75% to 85% or more.  

The good news here is that the more experienced an energy psychology practitioner is the better he or she becomes.  It’s a skill that gets better with practice and study.   

The goal with energy psychology interventions is the complete extinction of discomfort experienced by the client regarding any given issue.  The client measures the pain or discomfort on a scale from 0 to 10. From there we use energy psychology techniques at bringing that pain or discomfort to zero.

How I Discovered Energy Psychology

“Is there a way to heal past trauma without having to relive the pain of the experience?”

Around six years ago three clients with great ambitions to heal, but equally reasonable fears of increasing their suffering asked me this question.

With fifteen-years plus experience in my career, having seen thousands of clients, having spent many thousands of dollars of education and almost as many hours of study I had never heard anyone ask this question.  Every class, textbook and article I read assumed clients had to relive their pain to heal.

Intrigued by the question and moved by compassion for my acutely suffering clients I searched for the answer to this question.  

The answer, thankfully, was not far off. Energy psychology, a new branch of psychology, had recently been developed in the 1990’s and was getting unheard of fantastic results.  

There was scientific research in peer reviewed journals including many random control trials.  Energy psychology is at the forefront of a quiet revolution sweeping health care. Energy psychology’s “Tapping Summit 2022” on the Internet had over 600,000 viewers.  Energy psychology is growing in leaps and bounds and yet it is hardly known in the Delaware area (where I practice).

The Study That Made Me Want To Learn and Master Energy Psychology

In my preliminary studies on energy psychology I wanted to find a review of important credible studies that would tell me if I was wasting my time or on the verge of a healing revolution.

There were many good studies, but one stood out.  It had all the key ingredients of a ground shattering discovery:

  • thousands of test subjects.
  • sound methodology.
  • clear results.
  • long term follow-up measuring the sustainability of treatment results.
  • comparison between energy psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy w/medications (the most widely recognized and approved form of therapy today).

What I found was a report of 5000 test subjects with anxiety disorders over a five   and a half year period. Half the test subjects received cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medications, which is widely considered the gold standard of treatment. The other half received energy psychology with no medications.

The Results of the Study

Improvement Rate- Energy Psychology Group: 90%

Improvement Rate- CBT and Meds Group: 63%

Complete Relief of Symptoms– Energy Psychology Group: 76%   

Complete Relief of Symptoms– CBT and Meds Group: 51%

Sustained Benefit 1.5 yrs After Therapy– Energy Psychology Group: 78%

Sustained Benefit 1.5 yrs After Therapy– CBT and Meds Group: 69%

Average Number of Therapy Sessions- Energy Psychology Group: 3

Average Number of Therapy Sessions- CBT and Meds Group: 15

Much better outcomes at all levels in one fifth the time with no meds! This totally convinced me. I knew then and there I would become an energy psychology practitioner.  I immediately wanted to give my clients the best treatment available, energy psychology. 

The review article: ACUPOINT STIMULATION IN TREATING PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS: EVIDENCE OF EFFICACY, David Feinstein 2012, American Psychological Association.

Energy psychology uses the mind-body-energy connection to quickly and gently relieve, reduce and often extinguish psychological and physical symptoms.   

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